Monday, October 10, 2011

Workout Summary: 10/03/11-10/10/11

The first week of October was a bit of a stressful one. It started with me having to take my son to his yearly emergency room trip (I swear, at least once a year we end up there!). After that, I had a number of challenges at work, had to pay over $1,000 in repairs to my car, and Steve Jobs died. My son is a huge Jobs and Apple fan so he took it pretty hard. However, I did get my workouts in!!! Consistently working out probably helped me keep my sanity. They were not the scheduled workouts that I had planned, but I still made it happen, and I am proud of my perseverance. So this is what I accomplished:

Wednesday: Walked almost 4 miles (to and from work)...part of the way back was with six bags of groceries...uphill!

Thursday: 30 min. morning walk/run around the neighborhood (This was a test to see if I could workout before work...I can!!)

Saturday: Black Girls Run DC run: 3 mile run, then 2.2 miles walk/run (4 min. run/1 min walk). I hurt my inner thigh/hip flexor running up the hill around the U.S. Capitol.

Monday: (Because of my injury on Saturday and since I had Columbus Day off, I did my "Sunday" workout on Monday):  1 hour neighborhood run/walk. Rough estimate is that I ran about 3 miles and walked about 2. Nice and easy and fun!

So, I got four workouts in...maybe not the best workouts, but I got up and moved on four separate occasions.

This week I plan on getting in a Spin class, my Saturday run, a treadmill and upper body/abs session, and a neighborhood run and upper body/abs session. I have also decided to walk to and from work on days when I don't work out at the office at least twice a week. That will give me 8 additional miles of exercising on non-workout days. That may not start this week, but by the next week for sure!

On purpose,



  1. Wow that's great!!
    Is your son ok though?!

  2. Yes, he is fine. It was a false alarm, thankfully!